Code of Conduct

We expect all CSD participants to pay attention: Be mindful of your and other people’s boundaries. No means no! Only yes means yes!

• Respect all identities and ways of living, especially names and pronouns.

• We are all unique human beings with different views and needs. We ask you to be considerate with each other.

• It’s important to us that you’re not only mindful of others, but also yourself. That means keeping an eye on your own needs and boundaries and communicating them if necessary. This also means being responsible with the use of all drugs (including alcohol). If anyone needs help, try your best to help them or find someone who can.

• Be sure to eat enough and stay hydrated.

• The consumption of disinhibiting substances is never an excuse for rude or invasive behaviour.

• If you become a victim of- or observe such behaviour, please tell someone from the “Community-Team” in the resting area or one of the security volunteers.

• All participants must uphold the rules of the Youth Protection Act (Jugendschutzgesetz). If you’re unsure of what is and isn’t allowed, inform yourself beforehand.

• For your own safety, don’t leave your drinks open and unsupervised. Possible risks include wasps, drugs and knockout drops (roofies).

• Today we celebrate diversity, a variety of clothing styles (which can sometimes be revealing) and different kinds of fetishes. Openly expressing our preferences at the CSD can be a wonderful and liberating experience. At the same time, people have a variety of needs and experiences and not everyone wants to see sexual actions or activities. Please be mindful of this and respect each other.

• Even at the CSD there are power structures that we as humans live in. Sadly not all of us have the same chances and possibilities. Most of us have privileges and suffer from societal disadvantages. Be aware of your power as for example abled, white, cis person etc. and don’t abuse this power. Instead, use it to help and support people who are being discriminated against.

Show solidarity and be there for each other!