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The Planning for this year’s CSD (Christopher Street Day, Pride Parade) has started! We’re happy about everyone who wants to shape the CSD – colourful, visible, and political!

The plenum is held monthly alternating between wednesday and thursday, either at the Queeres Zentrum or the DGB (German Trade Union Confederation). It’s also possible to join online via Zoom, just ask us for the link ( The dates of the next plenums can be found below.



  • Next plenums:
    • Thursday 23.3.23
      • Location: Queeres Zentrum
      • Political demands 1
    • Wednesday 26.04.23
      • Location: DGB
      • Route
    • Thursday 25.5.23
      • Location: Queeres Zentrum
      • Cooperations and stalls
    • Wednesday 28.06.23
      • Location: n.A.
      • Political demands 2
    • Thursday 27.07.23
      • Location: Queeres Zentrum
      • What still needs to be done, who needs support?
    • Wednesday 09.08.23
      • Location: n.A.
      • Last planned meeting
      • Plans and shifts for the day of the CSD
    • Thursday 24.08.23
      • Location: Queeres Zentrum?!
      • Possible emergency meeting – please save the date
  • Past plenums:
    • Wednesday 22.02.23
      • Location: Versammlungsraum Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB) Südniedersachsen-Harz
      • self-perception, motto
    • Thursday 26.01.23
      • Location: Haus der Kulturen
      • Information for new people: What is a CSD, how does the organization operate, how much work is it, how can I participate?
        • Explaining the structure
        • Discussing the date for this year’s CSD
        • Space for feedback and wishes regarding last and this year