Safety and Community Care

The following information is still from last year! Expect things to be similar this year, we just didn’t have time to discuss everything yet.

Safety and community care at the CSD Göttingen 2022

The CSD is supposed to be a place for community and empowerment. A place for political expression and self-determination as well as for having fun. Our goal is that those who attend the CSD can feel as safe as possible. To achieve these goals we have established some rules that are to be observed. We, the organizers are providing an infrastructure in case you need support or some time to rest.

People with different privileges come together for the CSD. Some have more privileges in society and others are discriminated against by society. Our event is against all forms of discrimination and violence, for example ableism (discrimination against disabled people), antisemitism, queer-phobia, racism and sexism of any kind. Unfortunately discriminatory behaviour and disrespecting peoples boundaries can happen anywhere. We cannot guarantee that the CSD will be free of these problems. Therefore we want to make clear what kinds of support we are able to provide and who you can talk to.

Who can I talk to?: You can recognize our “Community-Team” by their pink vests. These contact persons can be found in the rest zone (Ruhebereich, see below) and are available if you need help or support. As an alternative you can also talk to our stewards, who can be recognized by their green vests. They can accompany you to the rest zone. The contact persons in the rest zone can support you if you feel unwell and/or have experienced discrimination. If you like, they can talk with you about what you experienced, so you are not alone with these difficult experiences. We can also be contacted later under:

While we can talk to you in an acute crisis, we are unable to provide therapeutic, legal or pastoral care, since this exceeds the competences we have available on site.

Paramedics: For medical emergencies paramedics of the ASB are available. You can find their tent on the right side of the stage, where the red cross is (see the attached plan)

Support in case of external attacks: Unfortunately attacks on CSDs or in the periphery of CDSs are not rare. There can always be isolated incidents of trans*- and/or homophobia, or assault on groups or individuals. Please celebrate yourself, but still be vigilant. We will stand together in case of any kind of attack, and will clearly oppose any attackers. We won’t be provoked. Please decide, with the people around you, how you will act, and get support from our stewards. Please remember, not all people can or want to trust the police.

Rest zone / retreat zone: We have arranged for a rest zone as part of the CSD. This area is on the lawn at the south end of the Albaniplatz. There you can find a larger tent, as well as several smaller tents. You can come here to have a break, you can get some water, information, and find people willing to listen and talk to you. The rest zone is a designated safe space and shelter.

Noise protection: We provide earmuffs and earplugs in the rest zone. You can come here to temporarily retreat from possible sensory overload.

Boundaries: Everyone knows their own boundaries best. We would like to encourage you to clearly communicate your boundaries, and tell your counterpart what you want and don’t want, in case you feel harassed by certain behaviour (i.e. verbal attacks/discrimination, people getting too close to you, or something similar). If you do not feel able to communicate your boundaries, of if someone does not respect your boundaries, please don’t hesitate to get help from the people around you or our Community-Team or stewards.

Emergency Numbers:

  • Women’s emergency number for Göttingen – advice and competency centre for sexual and domestic violence Göttingen: 0551 – 44 684
  • Phoenix children and youth advice centre for sexual and domestic violence: 0551 – 499 45 56
  • Suicide and crisis helpline: 0800 / 111 0 111 , 0800 / 111 0 222