Awareness and Community Care

Safety, Awareness and Community Care at CSD Göttingen 2023

The CSD is a place for community and empowerment, a place for political expression and self-determination, but also for fun and joie de vivre (enjoyment of life). We want all participants to feel as save as possible.

Boundary crossing can be observed everywhere. Let us work together to counteract  any type of discrimination and allow everyone to feel as save as possible. As an organizational team we offer a basic infrastructure if you need support or a break. We have also established some rules of conduct.

Rules of conduct

  • The CSD is no place for discriminatory behavior. Queerphobia, Racism, Sexism, Anti-Semitism, Disability, etc. will not be tolerated.
  • Respect the boundaries of others
    • No means no
    • Yes means yes
  • Be mindful of your own behaviour
  • Consider your needs and the needs of others
  • Respect names and pronouns
  • Do not touch people without asking, especially with regards to someones‘ hair
  • Show consideration for other people
  • Help others in enforcing their boundaries
  • Abstain from alcohol and drugs at the demo. There will be alcoholic beverages at the street festival – know your limit. Drugs and alcohol are no excuse for poor behaviour.
  • Only photograph people with permission. Otherwise, when taking photos, make sure that people are only shown from behind or are not recognisable.
  • Keep your distance from others when you are smoking. There are designated smoking areas at the street festival
  • Party flags and symbols are not allowed at the CSD
  • Use your privileges to support others
  • Comply with the laws of youth protection

Awareness and Responsiveness

You can find our Community-Team in the pink vests. You can find us in the rest area (see site plan). The Team is there for you, when you need help. You can also talk to the stewards in the green vests. They can accompany you to the rest area, for example.

The Team can support you when

  • You are not well and/or
  • You experienced discrimination at the CSD

When you come to us, we stand by your side. We respond when you ask us – the next steps, which we discuss together, will only take place with your consent. We want to offer you peace of mind and a sense of belonging and do not question that a line has been crossed for you. We will be sober and responsive.

We are here for you so that you are not alone with difficult experiences and moments. Even after the CSD we be reached at

Professional therapeutic or legal care is beyond our capabilities on site.


ASB parademics are available to provide medical care on site. You will find the paramedics tent to the right of the stage (see site plan).

Rest area and retreat room

The rest area is located on the lawn at the southernmost end of the Albaniplatz. There you will find several tents. Here you can take a break, get a drink of water, find a contact person and get more information. We also offer noise protection headphones, earplugs and tuning toys. The rest area is a sanctuary where you can withdraw.


You know your limits best. You decide what behaviour towards you is assault.

If someone is harassing you (for example by starring, offensive language, infringing upon your personal space):

  • Communicate your boundaries clearly
  • Turn to people around you for support
  • Contact the awareness & community team or the stewards

Support in the event of external attacks

Trans- or homophobic attacks can also occur at CSDs and on the fringes of CSDs. Celebrate yourselves and be mindful at the same time. When attacked, we stand together and condemn the attackers. We will stay calm and stick together. We will not be provoked.

If someone attacks you:

  • Get help
  • Turn to the stewards and other people near you
  • Decide together how you want to proceed

Please note: Not all people can or want to rely on the police. In particular, people affected by racism and trans people are sometimes affected by police violence.

Emergency Numbers:

suicide hotline and support via telephone: 0800 111 0 111 0800 111 0 222
Phoenix consultation for children and young adults who experienced sexual assault (samstags nur online) 0551 – 4 99 4 55 6 0151 1677 12 61 (Signal)
women’s emergency hotline Göttingen 0551 44684 0551 5211800 (women’s shelter) 0151 1677 1261 (Signal)
support telephone violence against women Germany 116 016 (German)
support telephone violence against men Germany 0800 1239900
support telephone concerning sexual assault 0800 22 55 530
“number against sorrow” support hotline for children & Parents 116 111 (children & young adults)

Site Plan

site plan