Call to pride

We are here, forever queer – take to streets for queer liberation!

On 26th, August, 2023 the 5th Christopher Street Day of Goettingen will take place. We call out to you to support us and take to the streets. Help us demonstrate the queer lifestyle and reality but also celebrate the diversity of the queer community.

We are here because we still don’t have all rights and freedoms that are automatically granted to the allo, cis and heteronormative people we live amongst.

We are here because harassment and violence against queer people is still common in our day to day life.

We are here– and we are only able to be– because many queers before us have fought and lost their life. They lost their life in order to lay the foundations so that their peers and upcoming generations might enjoy rights and freedoms they never had.

We are here and we take us this space. With our magnificent colors, flags and banners we show who we are and what systemic, societal structures are threatening queer people.

The suppression of queer people is deeply rooted in society. This society, our society is based on structures dominated by heteronormativity, patriarchy, sexism and rasism as well as the exploitative nature of capitalism. We want change. Not just for queer people, but for all people that are suppressed.

We live in a time of unfathomable change and uncertainty. This impacts certain parts of queer communities more than others. On the hand, queer identity and queer life plans are more visable and accepted than ever before.

On the other hand the political right wing and harassment of queer people grows. Especially against trans* people who are subjected to increasing assault and violence everyday. The  “Selbstbestimmungsgesetz” (right to be self-determined) for trans*, inter* and nonbinary people is not only far from what has been promised but has resulted in more and more discrimination against the people it is aimed at. Furthermore, conservative and political right wing parties are including queer and especially trans*opposed policies in their re-election campaign and are increasing the violence against queer people. We must also note that trans*opposed voices can be found in every political party.

Queer people are pursued in many countries; basic human rights are taken from them, even the right to live. Even Germany isn´t a save place for many people if they lack the necessary privileges.

Furthermore, people that are subjected to discrimination on multiple levels cannot rely on governmental structures, since they lack the privileges. These structures are dangerous to these individuals and makes them vulnerable to police violence and arbitrary behaviour of state agencies. Discrimination and racism is part of the day-to-day life of many queers and BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour), migrants and migrantized.

This is why we are on the streets to fight:

•             against systemic discrimination

•             against the growing power of right-wing positions

•             against growing violence

toward LGBTQIA*, migrants and migrantized, BIPoC, women and all those diverging from the patriarchal and societal status quo.

Forever queer – that is what connects us above all else. Connects us, if in our different day-to-day lives or in the broad spectrum of privileges and discrimination that we experience.

Even though we are connected, we know that societal and discriminatory experiences differ within the queer community. This is especially true for people that are discriminated against on multiple levels such as: queer migrants and  migrantized people, queers individuals that belong to a religious minority or belief system, BIPoC, trans* women, single parents, neurodivergent queers and queers with physical and psychological impairments. Many queer people  are victims of ignorance, discrimination and ostracism not just in their day-to-day life but also in queer communities – even though these spaces should be places of belonging, protection and empowerment.

On the frontline of the first pride riots stood trans* people, queer BIPoC, migrants and migrantized people, sexworkers – people that lived through ignorance, discrimination and ostracism in queer communities. The community in Goettingen is no exception in that regard. The main organisational team of the CSD is aware that most of the people here are white Germans, dominated by cis-gender people who enjoy many privileges. Thus, the overall structure of the organisation and the event are not sufficiently inclusive. This reproduces societal structures of power and leads to exclusion. The CSD-Aktionsbündnis Goettingen takes the responsibility to work continuously on these structures. A restructuring is a pressing necessity.

Furthermore it is important:

  • to discover and acknowledge our privileges and to question them critically
  • to avoid sheltering ourselves in our white fragility, and to accept the criticism of minorities
  • to acknowledge realities of the many people that are faced with discrimination on multiple levels
  • to not only speak words of solidarity and awareness but to take action as well
  • to exchange perspectives in a constructive and respectful manner
  • to discuss and criticize each other and take it seriously
  • to show solidarity and stand together
  • to fight together

in order to make solutions possible and provide support for all queer individuals.

The CSD is here to show: all queer people deserve space, respect and belonging.

We want to create room where all of the colourful, fierce and solidary perspectives here in Goettingen can be a natural part of our community.

Our place is here – in the heart of the city.

Join us on the 26th August. Let us fill the streets and the Albaniplatz!

The CSD-Aktionsbündnis Goettingen 2023